Wheels, Brakes and spare parts

Main Wheel K20-5100.00

Main Wheel K20-6100.00

Brake K20-5200.00

Brake K20-6200.00

Brake K32-0200.00

Front Wheel K21-0000.00

Front Wheel K21-6000.00  

Main Wheel K38-1100.00

Main Wheel K38-1100-7

Brake K38-1200.00

Brake K38-1200-7

Brake K38-3200.00 

Front Wheel K39-1100-7

Front Wheel K49-1100-7 

Main Wheel K62

Brake B62

Front Wheel K63

Main Wheel K24-5100-7

Brake K26-1200-7

Front Wheel K25-5000-7

Front Wheel K27   

Main Wheel K28-1100-7

Brake K28-1200-7 / K28-2200-7

Main Wheel K36-1100-7

Brake K36-1200-7 / K36-2200-7

Main Wheel K36-3100-7

Brake K52-1200-7 / K52-2200-7

Front Wheel K37-1100-7

Ring K36-1210.06

Piston Complete K38-1213.00

Set of Plates, Linings and Discs K38-9230.00

Front Pressure Plate 1 K38-1230.00

Double-side Plate 2 K38-1240.00

Double-side Plate 3 K38-1250.00

Rear Support Plate K38-1260.00

Friction Disc K38-1270.00

Temperature Indicator K38-1280.00

Lining K38-1231.00

Lining K38-1251.00

Front Wheel 595x185 K2116

Wheel 865x280 KT 93/3